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Discover all the hidden and amazing experiential and glamping retreats in some of the world’s most remote and beautiful locations. Carefully curated collection includes upscale experiential resorts and lodges, stunning glamping accommodations, luxury treehouses and tented luxury camps which are not just a place to sleep but a place to remember for the rest of your life. As our guest, you’ll be treated to a WG Extras at every property you visit through World of Glamping.

Exclusive perks and upgrades

Guests who visit any lodging through World of Glamping will enjoy in special complimentary perks and upgrades upon availability (free massage, trip, dinner, room upgrade, etc.).

Quality commitment

Properties are rated according to first and only glamping standardisation of 150 criteria that are the key for your satisfaction. We remove glampings that fall below our standards.

Glamping stars

WG Glamping Star rating is a system for assessing quality which provides a simple and clear picture of the services offered by individual providers, based on the evaluation of our experts.

Giving back

When you travel with us, you make a difference. We are committed to integrating the priciples of sustainability. From each reservation made through us, 2% goes to the charity purposes.

Glamping Types

Tree houses

Immersed in nature all over the world, treehouses envelop the true definition of glamping as they are each unique, luxurious and awe-inspiring offering amazing experiences. In this segment are placed tree houses with ensuite bathroom like:

  • Different types of tree houses
  • Tented tree houses

Explore all tree houses

Tent Structures

An architecturall and uniquely completed dwelling in an exclusive and remote locations with all sorts of canvas structured accommodations. In this segment are placed all tent structured accommodations with ensuite bathroom like: 

  • Luxury & Boutique tents
  • Safari tents
  • Yurts
  • Domes, Bubbles and similar

Explore all tent structures

Lodges & Villas

Architecturally completed resorts with luxurious and extravagant accommodations of permanent structures, but still maintain a genuine and direct contact with the natural environment. In this segment are placed all glamping and experiental accommodations with ensuite bathroom like: 

  • Safari lodges
  • Tented villas
  • Cottage villas in nature
  • Overwater villas and bungalows
  • Luxury huts and similar

Explore all lodges and villas

Wild Stays

Wilderness, adventure, peace, comfortable bed and privacy with a view – the level of quality between camping and glamping where accommodation units do not include their own bathroom ensuite facilities. In this segment are placed accommodations like: 

  • Tipis
  • Bell tents
  • Pods
  • Other glamping accommodations without ensuite bathroom

Explore all wild stays

WG Glamping Star Meaning

The seven WG Glamping Star Rating describes the kind of experience guests can expect. They identify which World of Glamping certified glamping will provide the best fit for your occasion and budget.

7 Stars

Distinguished property typified by ultimate luxury across the outstandingly fascinated resort, architecture and accommodations with highly performed excellence and sophistication in every detail and exceptionally charming landscape views. State-of-the-art facilities, superbly expanded services, extensive amenities and flawless flow of elegance and uniqueness on every single step through the entire extraordinary experience.

6 Stars

A six-star property provides refined and stylish accommodation alike wide range of room types, with upscale physical attributes which reflect an obvious enhanced level of quality throughout. The concept covers a remarkable story behind, with highly performed personalised services and attention to details. Luxury experience is provided by uniqueness and fascinating factors as well as a superb level of comfort and hospitality in a remarkable environment.

5 Stars

Miscellaneous property with upscale quality and exceptional comfort, marked by some unique segments and enchanting factors in features, set up within a nicely rounded landscape and architecture. The concept is covered by a story behind with some great attention to details. Service is customised alike some hotel services with some facilities that offer a swimming pool, restaurant, wellness, etc...

4 Stars

Esteemed property with nicely arranged landscape and additional comforts, quality in style and personalised amenity with hotel alike services as daily cleaning and breakfast included. Without exclusive and remarkable factors and hotel alike facilities (such as swimming pool, restaurant, wellness, etc.).

How can we help you in running a sustainable experiential resort

We are committed to integrating the principles of sustainability. In our team we have certified sustainability specialist, a member of GSTC Education & Training Working Group, a member of the Green Destinations Standards Committee and accredited auditor for accommodations, travel agencies and destinations. We can help you develop your SMP (Sustainability Management Plan). Assess your current level of sustainable performance and outline SAP (Sustainable Action Plan) with concrete measures which will help you improve the level of sustainability in your operations. Setting your brand sustainable pillars and standards. Train management and staff in sustainable operations.

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