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  • ECO lodges

Rosewood Luang Prabang

Laos, Asia

  • Type: ECO lodges, Tent structures
  • Setting: Forest, Jungle, Rainforest

Hidden in the lush green jungle that surrounds the historic royal settlement of Luang Prabang with stunning luxurious hilltop tents this spectacular hideaway is nothing less than breathtaking.

Price from
480.00€ night

Shipwreck Lodge

Namibia, Africa

In rating
  • Type: ECO lodges
  • Setting: Desert

There’s nowhere on the continent quite like the Skeleton Coast and the Shipwreck Lodge, situated amongst dunes with views of the Atlantic Ocean, promising to be an exclusive destination.

Price from
755.00€ person

Hanging Gardens of Bali

Bali, Asia

  • Type: ECO lodges
  • Setting: Forest, Jungle

A heavenly place in the Ubud jungle, beautifully blended with the tropical nature of the hotel with stunning infinity pool being nominated as the world's best swimming pool in the world.

Price from
705.00€ night

Zannier Hotels Omaanda

Namibia, Africa

In rating
  • Type: ECO lodges
  • Setting: Safari, Wilderness

With an exceptional architecture luxurious lodge, opened in 2018 set within the Zannier Reserve by N/a'an ku sê, an incredible private animal conservancy reserve near the Namibian capital.

Price from
265.00€ person

Haritha Villas

Sri Lanka, Asia

  • Type: ECO lodges
  • Setting: Beach, Jungle, Rainforest

An exclusive adults-only resort offering personalized services, spa treatments, private luxury accommodation and a world of experiences as you explore the island; cultural, historical or culinary.

Price from
405.00€ night
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