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Glamping certificate is a prestigious accolade, bringing confidence and status to your property. We award quality and service, showcasing the best and unique properties worldwide.

Quality Commitment

Properties are rated according to first and only glamping standardisation of 150 criteria that are the key for guests satisfaction, carried out by World of Glamping experts.

Global Promotion

Benefit from World of Glamping marketing campaigns and promotions. All certified partners get attractive profile exposure and are promoted through our promotional channels.

First Glamping Awards

Are the pinnacle of the highest quality in the glamping offering international recognition only to the best properties that represent the very top of experiental travel.

Main Selection Criteria

We hand-pick and select only the finest landscape properties in nature which meet all basic approval requirements covering following segments.

Unique, different & special

Hand-picked most interesting experiental resorts, lodges, tented camps and tree houses. These unique & special small luxury international properties are the crème de la crème for discerning clientele who know that big doesn't always mean better.

Architecture & Landscape

Stylish and exclusive properties with authentic luxury and beautiful design, landscape and architecture, where each outdoor area is carefully planned to bring overall enhancing atmosphere of the resort while blending in and becoming a part of the natural surrounding environment.

Luxury combined with nature

Stylish upscale sustainably-designed freestanding accommodation where nature and comfort intervene. Exclusive by virtue of their remoteness, special location and intimate size, providing unique way to experience the greatness of nature without sacrificing comfort features.

Authentic experience

Properties are devoted to connect their guests with a sense of place. They offer truly local and authentic experiences of local wildlife, culture & wilderness in partnership with the communities that make a visit a memorable and unforgettable experiential journey.

Great Hospitality & Qulality of service

Properties take care of personalised service during entire stay and high quality of all guest services with attention to every detail.

Sustainable practices

Sustainably-designed properties that are built to blend in, with core ethos of 'Care of the Land, Wildlife & People'. They focus on the environment with renewable water and energy systems, put a lot of emphasis on the organic and local food, benefiting the local community where people and place coexist and thrive.

Privacy for accommodation

The accommodations are created to the highest standards, designed with privacy in mind and are operated to provide exciting, authentic and memorable experiences without compromising guest expectations for luxury comfort and quality.

Special features and facilities

Guests can enjoy the amenities and hotel alike facilities making the resort a perfect testament of how experiential design and light-on-earth accommodations in nature can provide guests with unique experiences.

Mr. Krešimir Mudronja

Owner of wellknown restaurant & Glamping Fešta

As owners of a wellknown restaurant with great tradition we are used to doing things on a very high level.

When we decided to enter the area of ​​glamping we had no idea what exactly we needed to do to be succsessfull. Engaging W.G. opened a new horizon for us and showed us the path. From the first moment we contacted them they showed how well expirienced they are in glamping. Their ideas of reaching and satisfying clients are sharp and most concrete ones. They have accelerated things a lot for us. What usually takes years to do now happen in months. When it comes to glamping W.G. knows how things are done. Glamping Fešta

Mr. Krešimir Mudronja

Owner of wellknown restaurant & Glamping Fešta

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